Will your Security Measures Leave You Brokenhearted Over Valentines?

Red cardboard box robot holding a heart split in two to highlight how not to be left broken hearted during Valentines from your home or business security

Much like a relationship ending, you can also get brokenhearted when you lose something that means something to you. Surely we have all been in that position at one point or another, where we have misplaced a sentimental object? First, there is the panic, the realisation of what we have lost. Next, comes the frantic search, which either ends in a relieved reunion or an upsetting acceptance that we won’t see that object again. Sadly, the latter result also leads to regret, as we often don’t know the value of something until it is gone.

Are You and Your Business Sufficiently Protected?

Security is an essential part of our everyday life, so it’s important to check that you have the right measures in place and if they are sufficient. Regardless of what your business is and the type of security you need, here’s a general list of security measures you should be thinking about.

Home Security

  • Security Alarms and Monitoring
  • Sufficient Locks
  • Security Guard Services

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Corporate Security

  • Manned Guarding and Access Control
  • CCTV and Intruder Alarm Monitoring and Response
  • Fire Alarms and Response
  • An Up-to-date Risk Assessment
  • Staff Awareness and Responsibility
  • Training for Staff in Loss Prevention Techniques
  • Tag Fitting and Checking
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Identification for Staff
  • Loss Prevention Managers and Investigators
  • Store Detectives / Security Officers

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Perimeter Security

  • Manned Security
  • Walls/Fencing
  • Gates
  • Alarms/CCTV/Electric Fencing

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Data Security

  • Data Encryption
  • Data Storage
  • Data Management
  • Password Protection
  • Viral Detection & Defense

Hopefully, now you have taken home the message to be security conscious and protect yourself against a broken heart! If you want to know more or have any questions about what security your business needs, feel free to contact us.

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