Threat Awareness Training, Prepare to Protect - Ensure your staff are ready for all potential threat situations.

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Threat Awareness Training Swansea & South Wales

The workplace tends to be a primary target for violence and terrorism, therefore it is essential that businesses have policies and procedures in place to ensure that staff can respond safely and effectively. A response to a particular situation has the power to escalate it or completely diffuse it, so we think that awareness and preparedness are key to achieving a safer and more positive outcome.

With our bespoke Threat Awareness Courses, we’ve developed training with Counter Terrorism and Threat Specialists to ensure that all businesses, regardless of their ‘risk,’ are ready for all potential threat situations. During this one day course, you and your staff will learn about:

  • Terrorism – its effects and how terrorist organisations work
  • Psychology – how intruders think and behave, and the patterns to look out for to prevent an incident
  • Response & Management – how to identify weaknesses in the business, how to apply the best risk reduction measures to reduce the impact of the threat faced and the safest and most effective ways to respond in a potential situation

This bespoke course is great for all businesses to ensure the safety of all employees in a potential threat situation. From threats of workplace violence, homicidal ideations and stalking to other situations of targeted violence such as terrorism, our threat management training and interactive role plays will prepare all staff to act instead of reacting to ensure a safer outcome.

Threat Awareness Course

Duration: 1 day

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