Local Authority, covering all sectors, reliable protection within 24 hours and for 24/7.

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Local Authority Security Guards Swansea & South Wales

No matter the size of your government or local authority premises, our highly trained local authority security guards will ensure that both staff and visitors are protected. RGM Security have vast experience working with governments and local authorities in Swansea and South Wales which has given us a deep knowledge and understanding of public sector security and allowed us to provide the highest quality service.

We work with a range of different sectors within local authority and work together with them to maintain their support to the community. Carrying out a wide array of security services, we can help you build a long-lasting, solid security strategy that addresses your specific business needs.

RGM Security is proud to maintain high and consistent levels of customer satisfaction simply because we listen and deliver the best service possible for our clients.

Local Authority Security Officers Providing Round the Clock Service in Swansea & South Wales

Local government security officers are available to deter unwanted visitors and detect any suspicious activity. To ensure maximum protection, we can deploy mobile and static patrols to your premises.

Security takes on even more importance during local and national elections. When you have RGM Security in your corner you can be 100% confident that our SIA approved security personnel are equipped in preventing any potential misconduct by members of the public.

Our experienced local authority security guards of will respond quickly to alarms and make sure that equipment and valuables are safe and secure. Our local authority Security guards are also available to provide 24/7 protection including public holidays.

Local Authority Security Services We Provide...

We offer a variety of security services that can be provided 24 hours a day to help protect assets and buildings of all levels of local government/council.

  • Uniformed static security officers and night watch protecting City, County, District and Town Councils

  • Day security personnel to secure Council reception desks, facilities and provide security support to your existing council reception staff

  • Council and civic events security staff to provide effective safety and to reassure the public

  • Safeguarding, supporting and assiting council staff, service users, tenants, and clients

  • Protect assets with mobile security guards who will regularly visit Council premises and offices.

  • Control of government documents and security management in Council areas under control

  • Protection against theft and loss from local government buildings and premises

  • Security management for all buildings in the neighbourhood, including offices and council campuses

  • Presence of professional security services to protect and act as deterrant from vandalism and theft of local council buildings and offices 

Here are some sectors that we’ve worked with:



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