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University, College, School Security Guards Swansea, South Wales

Schools, colleges and universities face many external and internal threats. This can pose a concern not only for those who work there but also for parents, families friends and the wider community in general.

The threats that education establishments can commonly face include violence, intrusion or the possibility of banned items, weapons or illegal substances being brought on-site. Without a well planned and co-ordinated on-site security presence then the potential for harm to befall some of the most vulnerable staff, students or pupils is likely to increase significantly. 

This being the case, education establisments are increasingly seeking the help and assitance of  professional university, college or school security guards Swansea and South Wales services in order to help protect their sites/premises and of course safeguard the young pupils and students who attend them daily.

Security Guard Services in Swansea & South Wales That Go Above and Beyond

RGM Security has been providing education sector security in this region since 2014. Our knowledge and experience in university, college and school security are what sets us apart. This is why every educational institution should feel completely reassured when working with us and our professional, highly trained staff.

RGM Security have a wealth of experience in the education sector working with many Universities and Colleges over the years. Yes, we provide security services to protect the premises and people within, but we do so much more than that. We have hand-picked our security officers to take on a guardian-type role; not only are they looking out for the usual security risks but also the welfare and safe-guarding of your students.

Our SIA Licensed Security Officers have been trained in the specific challenges that face the education sector and to be highly vigilant of these right down to spotting Mental Health issues. They are all Mental Health Awareness trained & Emergency First Aid trained so that they can go above and beyond their security duties to protect your staff and students.

Highly Trained University, College, School Security Guards in Swansea & South Wales

Our school security guards must adhere to several criteria when ensuring the safety of students at colleges, schools, and universities.

All of our university, college and school security guards have been fully DBS checked as well thoroughly vetted and checked according to British Standards.

Prior to any of our security officers being assigned security duties at any educational establisment, they will first go through intensive in-house training. This ensure they are fully informed and equipped to deal and respond to the various threats they are likely to face.

Here at RGM Security we also place a great emphasis on all our security staff being personable, friendly, approachable and also have the ability and willingness to integrate into the surroundings, with the staff and also the students and pupils.

When assigning our security staff to a university, college or school we pay close attention not only to the security guard’s level of experience but also their personality, which consequently results in them becoming a valued and trusted member of the education establishment’s team as well as that of RGM Security.

Here are the main services that we can provide:


Door Supervisors / Event Stewards


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