The Best 6 Security Hacks for Every Business

Abus padlock with key laying on top of steel chains to illustrate security hacks for businesses

With having your own business, there will always be two main things you will need to protect: your physical premises and the sensitive information that you handle. This is all well and good when you’re actually on the premises, but it is the evenings, the weekends and periods such as Christmas, where you want piece of mind that everything is secure as it can be.

To help you ensure you have all your safety precautions in place, here are 6 simple but effective security hacks that you can employ to increase security over these periods.

Display Our Security Sign in Your Windows

This is the easiest way to increase security for any business! Although you might have the best security systems in place in your premises, it won’t stop burglars from trying their luck unless you tell them that they are there. By displaying security signs in your windows, you are warning them that this is a secure and monitored location much like ‘CCTV in Operation’ signs do in public buildings.

To increase your security today, you can download our free A4 security sign here to display in your windows.

Make Sure You Have the Right Locks

It is really important to know what type of locks you have in your premises to check that they are as secure as possible. To increase security, check that all external doors have 3 locking points and all windows have window locks. Mortice locks add considerable strength to your doors, so always use these and deadlocks where possible.

Always Keep the Blinds Closed When You're Away

This might sound like common sense but a surprising amount of businesses don’t fully close their blinds or shutters after leaving their premises. Making sure everything is closed ensures that valuable items are out of sight and therefore doesn’t give people a reason to break in. Before leaving, also check that keys are not left in locks and all spare keys are hidden away.

Mark All Belongings with a Property-Marking Product

Property marking is a great security hack that helps the Police to recover any items that may have been stolen. You can easily mark your products by using a police approved forensic marking system, by etching, engraving, using a chemical kit or UV marker.

Use Cloud Storage Systems to Back up Information

Unless you are regularly shredding hard copies of confidential information, it is more secure to keep your documents backed up on cloud storage systems. On these systems you can restrict access, change passwords regularly and  choose to encrypt the most important information.

Check That Your Outside Security is Effective

Although you may have installed the best burglar alarm and invested in timed lighting inside your premises, a good security system isn’t complete without exterior security. A lot of businesses have external lighting on doors to prevent burglaries, as entrances can be easily seen from the street. To further increase security you could also invest in an audio alarm, if your business is slightly off a main street, or grow thorny shrubs such as pyracantha along fences and walls.

Colour graphic of PDF weakness guide checklist from RGM Security Ltd

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