Protecting your Factory with Static Guarding

Security guard with torch doing night patrols around factory and recycling plant

In this day and age, manufacturing companies are facing increasing issues when it comes to security. With cyber security and the threats of terrorism on the up, it can be too easy to let more traditional security measures slip through the net.

This is why it is hugely beneficial to factory owners and manufacturing sites who experience high volumes of employees, visitors and contractors passing through the doors to employ the services of experienced security guards.

The presence of a security static guard on your premises is a greater visual deterrent against perpetrators, crime and damage than camera surveillance.

So what are the different services that you can expect from a professional security service?  RGM Security have come up with a list of the ways that they are able to help to keep factories and manufacturing sites secure, giving business owners the peace of mind required to focus on other aspects of their business.

Monitoring of Ingress and Egress

Although security should be everyone’s responsibility, it can be difficult for employees to challenge their peers and visitors alike.

Employing a uniformed security guard will overcome this issue as the whole appearance and concept shows that you mean business when it comes to the security of your premises.  A security guard can challenge and investigate unauthorised visitors or potential intruders as well as ensuring that your visitor sign in policy is strictly adhered to in order to allow visitors access to the site.

The same principle applies to access by employees.  Large factories in particular should always have in place an employee identification process such as ID badges or access cards and security guards can manage and monitor the coming and going of staff, ensuring that no unwanted visitors are able to tailgate behind your employees.

Monitoring Access Points

Static guards are fully trained to assess, observe and report any suspicious activity, security breaches or risks.  These guards will patrol your building and surrounding areas, checking all access points including locks, glass areas and walls for damage, as well as conducting additional monitoring requirements to prevent damage or spills.

Enforcement is key and static guards will be positioned to restricting access to particular areas or monitoring video surveillance. By combining human presence with CCTV and mobile controls, static guards will ensure that there will be no area of your premise left uncovered.

What’s more, many factories tend to be located in remote areas, so upholding a rigorous factory security plan through a combination of surveillance systems and security guards, making it difficult for vandals, thieves and intruders of any kind to take advantage of the remoteness of your factory location.

Security Key Holding & Alarm Response

Using the services of a professional, static guarding company can also remove the burden and worry from business owners when it comes to key-holding and alarm response.  It’s never convenient to have employees on standby for those unexpected alarm activations; not to mention the safety aspect if the activation turns out to be a genuine break in.

By appointing a security company as your nominated key holding alarm responder this risk will be removed altogether; at the same time giving you peace of mind when you are away from your home or your business.

A security guarding company will despatch a vehicle with keys to your factory premises and investigate the cause of the activation and deal with the incident.  If there has been a break-in, the guards will remain on site until the police arrive; if it’s a false activation the guards will reset the alarm and leave the property secure.  You should also get a full report of the incident the next day.

RGM Security

At RGM Security, we consistently integrate our experienced and fully trained security guards within a factory or manufacturing site in order to provide that added element of security presence, acting as a highly visible deterrent to potential criminals or opportunist employees.

We also ensure that all areas of your premises are regularly monitored both physically and through your security systems for ultimate security.

Our overriding aim is to keep your employees, building, plant, equipment and stock as safe and secure as possible both day and night.

To find out more about our static guarding services for factories, then call us today.

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