RGM Develops Workplace Investigation Service

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RGM Security has launched a workplace investigation service to help local SME’s combat employee theft.

This move comes in the light of reported increases in workplace theft in the UK ranging from small office items such as pens and toilet rolls through to major, organised theft of plant and machinery from construction sites for example.

According to research published in Business Matters magazine, 67% of British office workers admit to stealing from their office, costing UK companies over £190 million every year.  In fact, two thirds of UK office-based employees confessed that they had stolen from their workplace, with 11%  of them revealing that they had stolen personal items from colleagues as well.

What’s more, according to the Office of National Statistics, 22.74 million people are likely to be employed in office or desk-based jobs in the UK, this would equate to more than 15 million workers stealing from their workplaces. Taking the average cost as £12.50 per person annually, this generates a yearly cost to British business of at least £190,422,375.

RGM Services

The team at RGM are able to offer a range of services to identify and stop employee theft including surveillance, undercover or visible security personnel and the monitoring of internal controls.

Says RGM Director Becky Erasmus, “These figures are staggering and unfortunately it’s small business owners who face the greatest risk of employee theft and so are most in need of preventative security services. Employee theft is particularly common in small business operations because of the limited resources they have to safeguard against these crimes; small businesses are less likely to have a CCTV security camera system, and the owner may not feel justified in having a security presence fora small premises. In reality, small business owners can’t afford not to seek out professional security services to combat employee theft, as their financial success can depend largely on employee loyalty.

RGM is already working with a number of businesses at a local and national level, providing undercover ‘staff members’ who are trained in identifying trends and culprits when it comes to workplace theft as well as surveillance and monitoring services.

Adds Gemma Dillon, “We know it’s difficult for business owners to question the loyalty of their employees. Small businesses are more personal and require good employee relations to function. But if employee theft persists and his having a detrimental effect on your bottom line, then security services are an effective and efficient option when it comes to identifying and preventing these crimes.”

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