Why security officers are considered key workers in the pandemic

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Back in March 2020, at the start of the pandemic, calls were made from various associations in the security industry for the UK Government to assign the ‘key worker’ status to security officers.

For a while, they were not considered essential, even though they were helping to ensure the continued delivery of vital services. Towards the end of the year, however, their critical role was undeniable.

Throughout the whole year, security officers were imperative in supporting the emergency services and securing and safeguarding property and the public. They continue to do so, even now, and will continue to do so well into this year as businesses slowly start to open up again.

In this article, we look at the reasons why security officers are key workers in the pandemic.


Security officers are key workers because…


They play a vital role in this time of national challenge.

The pandemic has caused chaos. Millions of businesses have had to shut down leaving vacant properties as they work from home. Emergency services such as hospitals and the police are continuously being stretched thin. There has been panic buying and illegal gatherings and many instances were crowd control has been necessary.

In a time of national challenge, security officers have stepped up and played all of these vital roles. They have supported the emergency services and upheld the fragile infrastructure that is ‘Covid guidance’ at this crucial time. In addition, they have and continue to guard and monitor vacant properties and enforce measures to control crowds at establishments that are open.

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They assist in enforcing law and order (and reduce demand on policing).

The demand for emergency services has increased exponentially, yet they are having to operate with a reduced workforce and resources. As you can imagine, they are having to triage what is absolutely urgent to handle versus what is essential, but non-urgent.

To continue delivering these essential services without disruption, this is where security officers are taking over. They have the training and experience to be able to carry out core duties such as securing vacant premises, enforcing safety measures in public spaces, conflict management, and protecting vital assets/stock (such as vaccine stores etc).

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They carry out a range of essential duties, particularly guarding vacant properties and protecting assets.

As well as covering some of the core duties of the emergency services, security officers have also been vital in the protection of businesses. They carry out a range of essential roles such as:

  • guarding empty/closed commercial properties, retail or office premises;
  • monitoring of these premises through CCTV or other remote means;
  • protecting key stock and assets;
  • providing/assisting alarm response centres including mobile units;
  • enforcing safety measures such as social distancing for businesses who are opening back up;
  • assisting business owners with crowd control and conflict management as they open back up.


Good security officers will be trained in conflict management and mental health awareness, which is critical for them to be able to carry out these roles effectively.

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Consider safeguarding your business with a security officer/s

Whether your business is vacant, you’re operating on a reduced basis or you are planning to reopen, consider investing in security officers to help with the strains of Covid. They can ensure complete protection of your property, products, and people, and can do this all professionally and with ease.

It looks like social distancing and other guidelines aren’t ending soon, so security is key.




We can help protect your business and your future

As part of helping businesses make it through this difficult time, RGM Security is partnering with other local South Wales businesses to provide security to businesses at risk. If you or someone you know is struggling at this time, please contact us; we can help to ease the pressure whether it’s offering advice and recommendations or providing extra security during this uncertain time.

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