Is Your Security Company a Security Threat?

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It has come to our attention recently that many security companies are saying that they have an SIA ACS accreditation when they, in fact, don’t! This may not seem like a big issue right off the bat but it’s a huge problem, one that could cost you a lot.

If you don’t know whether your current security company has an SIA accreditation, here is why it’s important to check (and how to check) so that they are no longer a threat to your business.

The importance of having an SIA accreditation

We wrote a blog recently on Why You Need to Use a Security Company on the SIA Approved Contractor Register which talked about what an SIA accreditation is, why it’s important and the benefits of choosing a security company that has it. Here is a sum-up of what we said:

  • The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is an independent body that regulates the UK’s private security industry.
  • The Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) is a voluntary accreditation system that inspects companies and those that achieve the required standard can be registered as approved.
  • The goal of the accreditation system is to raise performance standards and to assist the private security industry in developing new opportunities.
  • Holding an SIA ACS accreditation is proof that security companies can do what they should AND to the highest quality and industry standards.

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Why not having one could make your security company a security threat to you

Making it onto the SIA Approved Contractor Register is a vigorous process, one which involves painfully thorough self-assessments followed by inspections into almost every aspect of the business. SIA-accredited companies then get scored based on the degree to which they exceed or fall beneath the SIA’s requirements.

As you can see, this exhaustive and challenging investigation is difficult to pass which is why it’s no surprise that only 25% of UK security companies have achieved this accreditation. The ones who have, however, can guarantee complete safety and security to the clients as they offer:

  • Greater flexibility and operational effectiveness.
  • Best practice and continuity of quality.
  • Clear customer focus.
  • Leadership and innovation.
  • High standards set by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

With these benefits in mind, it’s easy to see why a security company that doesn’t hold an SIA accreditation could be a threat to your security.

Think about it. You can’t be certain that a security company who hasn’t been inspected will provide a high-quality service to the highest standards. You can’t be certain that a security company who doesn’t hold an SIA accreditation is actually committed and dedicated to customer service and the compulsory licensing of their staff. You can’t be certain that a security company who doesn’t hold an accreditation reviews their standards every 3 years to uphold their quality and standards over time.

In short, when your security company doesn’t hold an SIA ACS accreditation, you can’t be certain that your business is in safe hands and that makes your security company a security threat to your business.



 How to check if your security company has an SIA accreditation

Now that we’ve highlighted how important it is for your security company to hold an SIA accreditation, hopefully you will check if they do in fact hold one if they say that they do!

It’s essential for the safety and security of your assets and ultimately your business, so check if your security is on the SIA Approved Contractor Register here now. Be certain that you are getting the highest quality service that you can.

To check that your current security is up to scratch and is doing what it should, there are also other way that you can do a quick self-check. To identify your security weaknesses yourself, download our handy security weakness checklist and if you can’t tick every box, then please get in touch!

Be certain that your business is protected

In an industry that’s all about trust, not feeling confident that your security company has you covered is a really big problem. Especially if you don’t even know it!

As we said at the beginning of the article, many security companies are claiming that they are SIA-accredited when they are not, so please check that they are listed on the register yourself! High standards in security and customer service are of utmost importance to us, so if they are registered, you can have real peace of mind that your security is solid. If they aren’t, however, you should consider switching to a security company that is actually accredited as they will not be a threat to your business.

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What we can do for you:

RGM Security holds an SIA accreditation and offers a wide range of security services including a free consultation where we carry out a weakness assessment of your site. If you need threat awareness training for your staff, intrusion testing to check your defences or even just advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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