Why Every Business Needs a Backup Security Company

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What would you do if your security company couldn’t provide you with security cover when you needed it? 

What would you do if your current security measures failed? 

Do you have a plan B?

In this article, we briefly explain why it is so essential for every business to have a backup security company.

You shouldn’t take a risk when it comes to your security

Unlike many services that companies outsource, Security is a critical one. Why? Because when a breakdown in communication, support, or cover occurs, it can have serious repercussions.

A complete and solid security strategy needs to be foolproof; it needs to prevent your business from having any security weaknesses at any time. If your security is doing what it should then you should have no weaknesses or “potential areas for breach.” This is obviously the ideal scenario but sometimes, in reality, there are holes opening up in your security that you aren’t even aware of.

The biggest mistake that your security company may be making

There are some warning signs that there is a weakness in your security strategy which really get our alarm bells ringing (read more about those in our blog – Is There a Breach in Your Security?) and a lot of the time, they come down to this same mistake.

Over the years, we have seen so many Security Companies handing over their staff to their clients and leaving the management of them up to the client. This is a dangerous mistake not only for the client, as it takes time away from their business, but in terms of their security being over-familiar with their staff.

This is a potential for breach! To carry out their functions properly, Security companies need to be completely impartial. Security companies are not an agency for staff, they should be a full security barrier providing everything you need for a complete and solid security strategy.

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Why you need to have a backup when it comes to your security

While over-familiarity between your security guards and your employees is a potential area for breach, other weaknesses in your security can arise from a breakdown in communication between you and your security company and shift issues that could lead to no security cover in an emergency. Both of these things can be a major problem if not sorted out quickly.

This is where a backup security company comes in.

If you have no cover in an emergency or you’re having other issues with your security that can’t be managed and sorted efficiently, a backup security company can make sure that you don’t leave your business vulnerable at this time. Here are the reasons why every business needs a backup security company:

  1. Higher reliability – a backup company ensures that you always have guaranteed cover which is crucial for emergencies.
  2. Reduced workload – it’s no added effort for you to have a backup company other than you ringing when you need them. In the instance where you need support, however, they can greatly reduce the work that you have to do!
  3. Ensures a complete security strategy – it’s always smart to cover all your bases and that’s what a backup company gives you – a complete and solid security strategy at all times.
  4. Strengthens your security – a backup company isn’t unnecessary, if anything, it gives you greater security in the times where you need it the most.
  5. Saves you money – a security breach will cost you and some of that damage may be irreparable. Having a backup security company will save you a lot of time, effort, and money in the event that your existing security company fails you.

Be smart with your security

While many companies will “try their best” to cover shifts if issues arise, it’s not often guaranteed. This is why every business needs a backup security company. By having a backup on stand by for the times where your business is vulnerable, you will never have to worry about your assets and data being compromised.

Being smart with your security ensures a solid security strategy!

Use us as your backup security company!

Many companies work with us as a backup or as support to their existing security arrangements. Why? Because when you have a crisis or need emergency cover, we will be there. Put simply, for us, cover is guaranteedGet in touch to discuss our cover guarantee and find out more about our other services. We cover commercial, corporate and construction security, amongst others!

  • Free threat awareness survey – we carry out a weakness assessment of your site.
  • Intrusion testing – we check your defences work.
  • Threat awareness training – we provide training to staff so that you can maintain a high level of security.

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