Top Security Mistakes That Are Putting Your Business at Risk

a roulette table to represent gambling with your security as one of the top security mistakes

You may think that you have a foolproof security system already in place but so many companies think this when, in reality, they are doing things (and not doing things) that are putting their business at risk! Even if you think that you are not putting your business at risk, why gamble? Take a look at our list of top security mistakes just to make sure; it’s better to be safe than sorry as they say.

Security mistake #1 – not having an effective security strategy in place

Many companies have basic deterrent or defensive security measures in place but they fall down on detecting and responding to potential threats. Security doesn’t stop at keeping people out of your business, it should cover the 3Ds of Security (Deter, Detect & Delay) and it should test, measure, and adjust these defences regularly. Put simply, you don’t want a security strategy that just reacts to breaches when they occur, you want to be able to prevent and delay them from happening in the first place!

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Security mistake #2 – not testing existing security

One of the biggest security mistakes that we see in companies – in the commercial, construction and corporate sectors – time and time again is that they implement their security measures and just leave them. What happens when the business grows, number of assets increase, new employees are hired, and sometimes even the perimeter undergoes change? They do nothing! Until their security is breached and they are faced with the consequences, they didn’t even realise that they had any security weaknesses!

Putting your business at risk in this way is completely avoidable so please frequently test your defences to check that they are still doing what they should! If you take the time to regularly assess how your security could be breached and update or implement new measures as you go, you can be 100% sure that you are protected.

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Security mistake #3 – not knowing what to address first and doing nothing at all

Risk management, paying to update or implement new security measures, training employees and raising awareness of security risks, maintaining the level of security, measuring and testing security measures throughout the year…many companies get overwhelmed with the different aspects of a solid security strategy but there’s nothing worse than burying your head in the sand. A solid foundation of security is needed first (e.g. password security, staff sabotage, and defence measures like CCTV), then you can concentrate on the risks that are not in your control and put the necessary strategies and policies in place.

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Security mistake #4 – not performing proper risk assessments

We are all busy working in the business and trying to get our work done but when risk assessments aren’t carried out properly (or at all), it can really put the business at risk! Not knowing your actual weaknesses means that you can only make ‘educated guesses’ about your security. As we all tend to underestimate risks, this means you will be completely unaware of the scope of the risks you are vulnerable to and how serious the implications could be.

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Security mistake #5 – believing that they won’t be a target

This is more the case with cybersecurity as many businesses think they’re too ‘insignificant’ to become a target in the first place. Don’t fall prey to thinking that cybersecurity is a ‘technology problem’ or that you don’t have any assets that criminals would want! Dismissing warnings and being in denial leads to poor security measures against this very real threat until ultimately, you become the biggest risk to your business.

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Don’t gamble with your security!

Avoid these 5 big security mistakes and you can be sure that your business, people, and assets are sufficiently protected. Every company grows and suffers from blind spots that enable exploitation so don’t wait until your business is compromised! Identify them quickly and put preventive measure is place.

ACT not REACT and you’ll be safe, not sorry!


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