As a Security Company, it frustrates us when businesses don’t test the strengths and weaknesses of their security measures. Your defences are the only thing between keeping all of your assets and confidential information safe, so if you don’t test them, how can you improve and reinforce them so that you don’t become an opportunity for crime?

Intrusion Testing

The most effective way to put your security defences to the test, intrusion testing involves creating a realistic attack simulation. This measures the strength of your existing physical security controls and exploits any potential weaknesses that can be used to gain unauthorised access to your business.

Benefits for Your Business?

  • Test all of your defences (3Ds; Deter, Detect, Delay) 
  • Identify your security flaws 
  • Test employee security awareness and threat response
  • Gain insight into the level of real-world risk and attack 
  • Vulnerabilities report and plan to manage your defences

A security breach can be fatal for a business, so make sure that you know for a fact that your security defences are secure.

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REMEMBER: If you have an existing security company, you should still test your defences


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