5 Physical Security Concerns for Manufacturers

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Manufacturing companies have to think about a lot when it comes to their physical security. Why? Because they have so many areas they need to safeguard. First, they have their people and their products to protect. Then, their customer and employee information, financial records, and product information, and much more. While cybercrime is an ever-increasing issue, what many manufacturers don’t realise is that true protection of everything begins with their physical security.

Manufacturing site security is very diverse and in order to help them protect their people, products, and essential data, here are the top 5 physical security risks for manufacturers (you need to cover these in your security strategy!).

Top security risks for manufacturers

1. Criminals & staff sabotage

Many companies put measures in place to prevent unauthorized personnel from breaching security, but not many think about the people who do have access. As horrible as it may sound, your own staff can cause more damage than an opportunistic criminal. Think about it, they know your company, they have access to sensitive data, your stock or assets, and they may even know your security protocol if an alarm is triggered.

External breaches AND staff sabotage are huge security risks for manufacturers, so make sure this is covered in your security strategy. For example, you will need:

  • A strong physical security system that prevents unauthorized access, intrusion and other intrusions.
  • Regular audits to prevent sabotage before it happens. 
  • Measures to detect it if it happens.
  • Measures to delay the crime until the police are called.
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Why You Need to Include Staff Sabotage in Your Security Strategy

2. Old facilities or outdated equipment

Many manufacturing companies are always looking forward, thinking about what they can add to their security to improve it. While this is important, don’t forget to look back too! A serious physical security risk to your company could be in any form, such as old facilities that may be easy to gain access to or outdated equipment that can easily be hacked.

You may have vulnerabilities that you are unaware of, so download our free checklist to identify these! You need to be sure that your site is as secure as it can be and if it’s not, you need to know where the weaknesses are in your security so that you can reinforce them.

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3. Security personnel are unlicensed or overwhelmed

We have written so many blogs on just how essential it is to check that your security company is licensed (see our essential reads below). This is because, if they are not licensed, your own security company could be a threat to your business! With companies and security officers who are not licensed, you have no guarantee of quality, competence, and compliance.

Other security risks for manufacturers is when security personnel are overwhelmed. If you don’t have enough security officers or they are inundated with too many security alarms, they can start to get lax with their response to threats. Just think about fire alarm drills – how many of us have become desensitized to them now? This can be dangerous in the event of an actual threat.

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4. Lack of training and enforcement

A lot of our manufacturing clients have weaknesses in their security strategy because they don’t train their employees on protocols and procedures. That, or they just don’t enforce them enough. As we mentioned earlier, your own employees could be a security threat (sometimes, without even meaning to be) so it is your responsibility to train them.

To avoid certain security threats (e.g. viruses sent via email or not responding to an actual threat quick enough), train your employees regularly! Have dedicated personnel that can troubleshoot security systems. Train employees on cyber safety, taking home data and how to securely use their everyday software. Practice reacting to certain events as efficiently and effectively as possible.


5. Cyber crime

Last but not least for the security risks for manufacturers is cyber crime. Cyber crime can extend beyond just your phone and your computer and to any automated system that you have in your company. For example, if you have smart doors, networked security cameras, locks and alarms, they could hack into these and gain physical access to your business.

With the rise of ransomware, many manufacturers have been targets for hackers. While some can thwart the attack before it harms their business, others may not be so lucky. To protect your company against this type of cyber crime, make sure you invest in security systems that can troubleshoot any issues with physical security vulnerabilities and provide training to employees on cyber safety at home and how to securely use their devices and software.

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Strengthen your physical security to protect your people and products

Avoid these 5 physical security risks to your manufacturing company by creating a solid foundation for your security strategy. Remember, your physical security will protect your people, products AND your confidential data, so prioritise this and then you can sort out the rest!


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