Key Benefits of Hiring a Local Security Company for Your South Wales Business

Security guard locking the gates of industrial unit with padlock

Finding a trusted firm to look after your business can be tricky. But sometimes it pays to use a company closer to home. Hiring a local security company comes with multiple benefits:

  • Care About the Local Area
  • Helping the Local Economy
  • A Local Security Company Offers Senior Staff
  • A Faster Way to Resolve Issues
  • Improved Customer Service

Many local security providers employ staff from around the area they serve. As a result, they are passionate about protection and want to see your business and the community doing well.

Care About the Local Area

A local community is made up of a mixture of people who deserve to be safe. Therefore, a local security company with local employees offers more than basic protection because they care more about service. For instance, security companies in South Wales often work with schools, colleges and universities and local authority organizations to prevent crime in the community.

2 security cameras attached to office buildings

Helping the Local Economy

In 2021, 27% of premises recorded thefts across the UK. Therefore, providing security to businesses is a proud service offered by security companies in South Wales, the North, and the rest of Britain. Helping communities and working with police to reduce crime has a direct impact on helping the local economy. Together, everyone propers with local security.

A Local Security Company Offers Senior Staff

One of the most common requests during or following an incident is access to senior management. All clients are better served when a senior officer can make a site visit in person, rather than calling or dispatch relays. The benefits of a management level security are:

  • You can immediately express your concerns and work with your service.
  • Helps the security company get an inside look at the situation.
  • Provides a direct lifeline to local police and emergency services.

Reputable security companies in South Wales provide immediate assistance to the local community, no matter the time of day or night. You have a greater chance of rapid response when you don’t have to wait for an officer from a national service based in another county.

Security guard doing outside checks around business block

A Faster Way to Resolve Issues

Criminality in any form must be met with swift action. Yet national security services aren’t exactly known for their prompt reactions. However, a local security office can provide additional units and work with you much faster to resolve immediate or ongoing threats actively. In addition, security services in South Wales are often based in the locality, boosting response times.

Improved Customer Service

Any security service in South Wales and the rest of the UK is a business, just like yours. And also, like your business, customer service is a priority for a local security firm. A national service will likely deal with hundreds or thousands of calls at any time. Yet a more personal local service can pick up the phone within seconds to deal with your queries and concerns.

Customer services phone head set and laptop

Final Word

Hiring a local security company is often the better choice when looking for business protection. They care about the area, can dispatch senior officers and offer improved customer service.

How Can RGM Security Help You?

RGM Security Ltd provide a comprehensive range of professional security guard services to both the public and private sector throughout the South Wales area.

All our security guards are fully trained and SIA licensed giving you peace of mind you and your business are in the safest possible hands.

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