The Different Types of Security Guards You Can Hire in South Wales

Security Guard Patrolling Perimeter Fencing

The security guard industry is a significant contributor to the economy, and it has experienced massive growth in recent years. However, despite it now being a large and established industry, many people continue to believe that all security guard services are the same. The fact is that there are many types of security guarding services, and each one is best suited to a specific need.

If you are not sure what security guard service your business or family needs, then we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of the most common types of security guards.

Unarmed Security Guards

There are many benefits to hiring unarmed security guards particualrly for retail businesses. They are an effective way of monitoring activity and keeping patrons safe. Unarmed guards can also deter vandals and shoplifters from committing crimes. Additionally, they are not likely to upset shoppers. In general, unarmed guards are enough to prevent most crimes. For this reason, they are a good choice for most retail businesses.

Security guards on radio in large shopping mall

Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards are highly trained and are allowed to carry firearms. They are typically hired by businesses with high-security needs. Armed security guards have a high level of training and have extra certifications. These security guards are an excellent choice for areas with an increased risk of robberies, vandalism, and other crimes because they can handle violent situations.

Static Security Guards

You can hire a static security guard for a particular area or a full-time position in a control room. While static guards are more likely to be in one place all day, they are often more efficient and will cover a larger area like that of a mall, apartment complex, or office building.

Governmental Security Guards

Governmental security guards are employees of the government. These people are highly trained, and their job is to primarily guard a facility or location like a military installation, courthouse, etc.

Before anyone can assume the role of a government security guard, it’s important they do not have a criminal history or any previous convictions. Failure to meet this criteria often results in them not being considered as a viable candidate.

Mobile Patrol Guards

Mobile security guards will be on the move almost all day, mainly watching the premises for any suspicious activity. The guards will man the perimeter on foot or in a vehicle. The duties vary depending on what you need.

Whether you’re hiring security guards for a single residence or an entire neighbourhood, mobile security guards are excellent protection choices. These professionals can respond to emergencies quickly and act to deter criminals. They are also trained to defuse tense situations and provide excellent customer service where needed.

2 mobile security guards closing gates at a manufacturing site on a clear evening night

Event Security Guards

These are perhaps among the most well-known types of security guards mainly because they can be visible at events. The guards are in charge of the crowd and ensure that order is maintained. You will often see them at sporting events, concerts, and large conferences.

In addition to crowd control, event security guards also need to ensure that attendees remain limited to the area where they are allowed to be. They will also check for forbidden items. The guards may also be asked to intervene in tense situations like breaking up a fights and altercations. Generally, during events with lots of alcohol, there are also many potential tense situations that need to be addressed promptly before they escalte.

Personal Protection or Bodyguards

These officers are often assigned the task of protecting an individual. They are assigned to protect the lives of VIPs like dignitaries, celebrities, and political figures. The guards are well armed, well trained, and often ex-military. However, many regular people may also employ bodyguards if there are threats against their lives or want to protect their family members. That’s why they may also be referred to as personal protection agents.

In-house Security Guards

In-house security may be hired by the company and be on their payroll, i.e., working for them. They aren’t on contract by a private security service or company. They are often paid by the company and operate as per its security protocols.

Though some countries may prohibit the recruitment of internal security, some businesses may be allowed. For instance, banks, cruise ships, hotels, and resorts may be permitted to employ their own internal security.

Final Word

The security industry today offers a myriad of services, but most people are not aware of its importance. However, it is imperative to choose the right type of security service provider for your business. If you are unsure what service may work best, then we only just a phone call away.

How Can RGM Security Help You?

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