Is Your Security Protecting Your Assets or Just Ticking the Boxes?

checklist with ticked boxesusing pink marker pen to illustrate whetherI Your business Security is Protecting Your Assets or Just Ticking the Boxes

How do you know if your security is actually protecting your assets? How do you know if you are completely protected from a security breach? 

The short answer is you don’t.

Many companies only find out that they had a weakness in their security in the first place because they had a breach in their security. Put simply, this means that their security failed, a failure that cost them a lot of time, energy, and money to rectify.

When it comes to basic security, it is just a case of ticking boxes. While this may satisfy some people and put their mind at ease in the short term, this leaves companies highly vulnerable to attack as they have holes in their security that they are not aware of.

Protect your assets

A complete and effective security strategy should make security compliance more than just a box-ticking exercise.

Not only should it be used to ensure that you have all the necessary security measures in place, but it should be used throughout the whole year every year to be certain that your security is always protecting your business.

Think about it. Putting security measures in place isn’t enough when so many things change from day-to-day. When you are not periodically checking that your security is in fact, doing what it should, this is where holes can emerge undetected potentially resulting in a breach that causes irreparable damage.

Chainlink fence

Is your site as secure as it can be?

With what we said in mind, do you know if your site is as secure as possible? How certain are you that it will protect your assets?

To check if your security is doing what it should, here is a quick security weakness checklist using the 3 Ds of defence:

1. Deter

  • Are your CCTV/alarms visible and covering your vulnerable areas?
  • Is your perimeter fencing in good condition?
  • Is your perimeter free from external obstacles that obstruct visibility or can be used to gain access to your site?
  • Is your stock hidden from external view?
  • Does your Security Officer hold a valid SIA license and an Approved Contractor Status via the SIA?
  • Does your Security Officer dress appropriately (e.g. clearly marked as security)?

A security guard going down an escalator

2. Detect

  • Are your cameras/alarms linked up to an Alarm Receiving Centre?
  • Do you have adequate flood lighting and motion sensors on site?
  • Do you have an I.T. specialist on board to assist with cyber security threats?
  • Do you have methods in place to detect internal theft (e.g. random spot checks)?
  • Do you have a trained Security Officer dedicated to detecting security inconsistencies?

3. Delay

  • Do you have access control to delay entry?
  • Do you have an up-to-date key holder list?
  • Do you have a rota for management to walk around and check the perimeter?
  • Are your passwords changed regularly?
  • Do you have a strategy in place to deal with a disgruntled employee/supplier?
  • Do you have a Security Officer on site who can intervene and alert a security breach?

Be 100% sure that your security is doing what it should

Should a security breach occur, the effects can be extremely damaging so don’t wait for this to happen. Protect your assets and the future of your business by checking your security weaknesses now.

To check your security weaknesses yourself, download our handy security weakness checklist! If you can’t tick every box then please get in touch!

weakness guide checklist

What we can do for you:

RGM Security offers a wide range of security services including a free consultation where we carry out a weakness assessment of your site.  If you need threat awareness training for your staff, intrusion testing to check your defences or even just advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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