Hidden Threats To Your Business You Need To Know About

a child looking through a peephole to illustrate hidden threats to your business security that you need to know about

Visible threats to your business are easily prevented and managed but hidden threats? Not so much. While a typical security strategy will cover most areas of your business that need protecting, often, it is only the obvious threats that are well known that are the ones that are covered. To completely protect your business against every potential danger, here are the hidden threats to your business you need to know about.

8 hidden threats to your business security

  1. Your employees – we’ve written a couple of articles on staff sabotage and why you need to include it in your security strategy. If you don’t have productive, skilled, and trustworthy employees, they can pose a significant threat to your business.
  2. Time efficiency – believe it or not, time efficiency can be a threat to your security. Put simply, when time is managed poorly, mistakes are made and easier, less important tasks get prioritised.
  3. Outsourcing your tasks – when you outsource tasks, you become responsible for what they do too. Check what security procedures they have in place so that there are no hidden threats to your business too.
  4. Not having established procedures – if there’s a problem or an issue that has been identified, your employees need to know what the procedure is and who they need to report this too. If they don’t, they may not report it and this can quickly become a much bigger threat.
  5. Money management – you get what you pay for so if you haven’t allocated enough budget to your security, you won’t be protected sufficiently. Inadequate security can lead to other hidden issues and potentially a breach of your defences which could cost so much more.
  6. Data issueshave you backed up your data securely? A hidden threat that many companies don’t prepare for is if their computers and operating systems go down. Loss of data could cause irreparable damage to any business.
  7. Legal slip-ups – for a security strategy to be completely effective, it needs to overlap with other compliance areas such as HR and Health and Safety etc.
  8. Not thinking about the future – many companies make investments in their security without planning for the future. What happens then is that they grow fast and certain areas aren’t protected.

Protect yourself from every threat

A solid security strategy will protect almost every aspect of your business, but not quite. In order to protect against every potential threat make sure to periodically check and stay on top of these 8 hidden threats to your business.


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