The Three Biggest Security Threats to Schools Across the UK

Security guard locking the gates of industrial unit with padlock

The education sector is a vital contributor to communities across the UK, and we all wish for schools, colleges, and universities to be a safe space. Despite this, the education sector still experiences various internal and external threats, and institutions need to ensure they have the best protection in place to minimise threats as much as possible. 

Schools and colleges are increasingly recognising the importance of employing professional security to safeguard their sites and provide access control. Without an on-site security presence, the potential for harm to occur to people on-site increases significantly. 

To figure out how to best protect premises in the education sector, we must first identify the most common threats


Schools and universities contain valuable equipment such as IT accessories, gym machinery and science paraphernalia. When a school becomes a victim of theft, not only does it cause financial loss, it negatively impacts students’ learning by limiting their access to valuable equipment. 

Banned Items, Weapons, or Illegal Substances

Illegal drug and alcohol consumption remains a significant threat across the UK, and the risk of these substances being brought onto campuses and distributed is still prevalent. The education sector is also at risk of banned items on-site, increasing the possibility of danger to students. 


Following on from the above, without having solid security measures in place, students and teachers are at risk of violent crime. According to the Office of National Statistics, 2023 saw a 3% rise in knife crime compared to 2022. 

Security guard locking the gates of industrial unit with padlock

What Kind of Security Can Prevent Crime in the Education Sector? 

Manned static guarding can protect schools, property, and people by employing trained security personnel to provide access control at the entrance of your premises. 

Having a static security guard on-site can drastically reduce the risk of danger as they are trained to spot and respond to common threats faced in the education sector. By their prime placement at entryways, static security guards can spot a suspicious circumstance before it becomes an internal threat. Routine checks carried out by security guards can also significantly reduce the likelihood of banned items being brought on campus.  

How Does RGM Security Help Protect the Education Sector? 

At RGM Security, our guards go through a rigorous selection process and meet a strict set of criteria to ensure optimum safety within the education sector. They will undergo background and DBS checks whilst being thoroughly vetted according to British Standards. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to the safety of the education sector.

We believe that security is not just about being vigilant, but also about being personable, friendly, and approachable. At RGM, we carefully select guards who have the ability and willingness to integrate into the school community, building positive relationships with both staff and students. This ensures that our guards become valued and trusted members of the school’s team, as well as at RGM Security.

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