How to Give Your Business’s Security a Spring Clean

A woman cleaning a 3 paned window to depict giving your business security a spring clean

Spring is the season for new beginnings, a season that represents growth and improvement, a time where we all tend to clean away the cobwebs in our lives that were left over from the Winter.

We’re all familiar with the much-needed Spring clean in our homes, but why is it that this ultimate “clean up” attitude only seems to be reserved for our personal lives? With the weather constantly improving and the days staying lighter for longer, we should all be taking advantage of this time to Spring clean our businesses as well.

As our days are filled with running the business and dealing with urgent work as it arises, it can be tempting to push a much-needed business “clean” back until it’s Spring next year again, but it is absolutely essential that you don’t. Here’s why and how you can get it done in no time.

A Spring Clean is Essential for Your Business’s Security

You don’t know if your security measures are still effective if you don’t check them regularly, so a Spring clean is an ideal time to do this. If you don’t, and this is the time that an opportunistic burglar decides to try their luck with your business, you can be sure that you’ll be left with regret and a lot of unforeseen costs just to get you back to working order.

Protect yourself, your employees, customers and valuable assets by checking your business’s security and improving it if necessary.

A woman cleaning a window

How to Give Your Security a Spring Clean

Assess Your Building’s Exterior and Physical Assets

Your first form of defence is your exterior so walk around your perimeter and conduct an audit to ensure that it is as secure as it can be. Your exterior security needs to prevent intruders from entering the building so check:

  • All dark areas, such as doorways, walkways and car parks are all well lit – replace burnt out, broken, or security lights if necessary.
  • All physical security deterrents such as signs and fences are visible and are not compromised – fix or replace if necessary.
  • CCTV cameras are working and are updated with the latest software – if not, check they are properly connected, if they need to be moved to a more weather-proof position, and update their software to the latest version.
  • CCTV cameras are in ideal locations near windows and entryways – move cameras to get sufficient coverage of your exterior.
  • Equipment and phone lines are not worn or damaged – if they are connected to any security systems, it’s essential that you check and replace them.
  • Locks, gates, security keys and alarm response – if any of these measures can potentially be compromised or are not working, update them immediately.
  • Potential entry points – if there are bushes, shrubs or trees that have overgrown, trim them. Not only does this enhance your visibility (and your cameras) of your outdoor areas, but it also ensures that people can’t use them to gain access to your perimeter as well.

A cctv camera behind a barbed wire fence

Evaluate Your Business’s Interior

Although exterior security is essential, your interior security measures are just as important. If intruders somehow gain access to the interior of your business, you need to make sure that your employees, customers and assets are protected. To do this, you need to check:

  • CCTV cameras are working and are updated with the latest software – if not, check they are properly connected and update their software to the latest version.
  • CCTV camera placement is ideal – move cameras to get sufficient coverage of your interior.
  • Carbon monoxide and/or smoke detectors are working – check regularly and replace batteries if necessary.
  • Image sensors and/or glass-break detectors – if you don’t have any in place, secure them near windows and doors.
  • Security policies for employees – it may be beneficial to review and/or implement bring your own device (BYOD) and remote work policies.

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Examine and Update Your Cyber Security

Although part of your assessment of your interior security measures, cybersecurity is such an important issue that it should be handled as a completely stand-alone measure. Spring is an ideal time to check your cyber security, but ideally, you should be doing this as regularly as possible:

  • Ensure all equipment is up-to-date and has necessary anti-virus and firewalls installed.
  • Update all passwords and passcodes for all security systems and equipment.
  • Update your website design to be modern and responsive.
  • Consider implementing a password manager to encrypt and store all passwords.
  • Update and Back Up all essential data.
  • Evaluate who has access to your essential data and determine if it is only in the necessary individual’s hands.
  • Create and enforce an internal cybersecurity policy.

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So there we go, make sure your business is as safe and secure as it can be by having a major “clean” this Spring! You might find that everything is in working order, but at least you have checked and have peace of mind that you are protected.


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