Advantages of Being Prepared in the Workplace

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Being more prepared and resilient can give a competitive advantage to your business, so isn’t this alone worth the investment? Hopefully, after this article, you’ll agree that it is.

Depending on circumstances and risk, every business can assess their situation and decide how much time and money they want to invest into their company. Whether that is carrying out their own assessment and making changes or obtaining specialist threat training, the end goal is the same: to be more prepared for workplace threats than they were previously. Only then can they ensure the safety of their assets and their employees.

There are many advantages of being prepared in the workplace for both employers and employees so it’s crucial that both parties put in the time and effort to identify and prepare for any hazard or threat to the business. For this reason, we’ve listed some of the most important advantages of being prepared below.

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Better Internal Communication and Management

Being prepared in the workplace means that not only will employees be better able to recognise an incident, but they will also be able to report it to the relevant department. This may not seem that important, but internal communication is actually extremely necessary should a threat arise. It is staggering that 38% of companies still have no security response plan in place and only 17% of managers feel fully prepared to handle a security breach; it is particularly worrying as cyber hacks are on the rise and that no plan means that employees are particularly vulnerable.

By being prepared, information can be passed quickly through the chain of command and dealt with effectively and efficiently. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that companies have a plan and training or even an incident response team in place.

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A Safer Work Environment

As employers, we have a duty of care to ensure that our workers are as safe as they can be and this includes any potential threat to the work environment. From workplace violence and bullying to external threats such as terrorism, employees need to be prepared for all potential situations so that they can act calmly and efficiently to ensure their safety and the safety of others. After all, our employees are the face and first point of contact in our businesses, so their safety is key.

Reduction or Even Prevention of Loss

Being prepared in the workplace means that we can minimise or even completely prevent loss, whether that is the loss of data in a cybersecurity breach or in extreme cases of terrorism, lives. Any kind of loss is detrimental to a business, so naturally, all types of security should be a priority including threat awareness and preparedness. Only when employees are aware and prepared for every potential situation can they respond accordingly and influence the outcome of that event.

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Removes Fear and Anxiety

With the recent bouts of terrorist attacks, it is really important that businesses take the time to make their employees feel safe and one of the best ways to do this is to give them the necessary tools to protect themselves. Not only will this reassure your employees and make them more productive, but it will also ensure that any given situation will have the least impact.

By training our employees to be more vigilant and aware, we can remove the fear and anxiety that is associated with the unknown whilst also preparing for the worst-case scenario. Employees know what to do in the event of a fire and in some places a natural disaster evacuation, so why should it be any different with workplace threats?

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Threat awareness and preparedness, like worker health and safety, is becoming obligatory in the workplace, so being prepared needs to be at the top of our priority lists. After all, we can always improve our businesses and our responses to situations, so why not start here now?


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