10 Items that Can Compromise Your Business If Hacked

iphone, mac book and ipad on desk to illustrate how such devices can compromise your business and home security

When we say ‘compromise,’ we are talking about things that can make your business vulnerable to crime. We’ve all heard the stories of businesses being hacked and cybercrime is continuing to be more of a problem every day, especially with the rate that technology is developing, but not everyone takes is at seriously as they should. To help you combat cybercrime, here are 10 common items that can compromise your business.

Know what gadgets can make you vulnerable

Many people believe that their business can’t be hacked or that it won’t happen to them or worse, they’ve heard the stories and they know it can happen but they don’t take it seriously enough!

The consequences of a cybersecurity breach can be dire, resulting in a significant monetary loss, loss of clients, and even the whole business going under, so being aware of your security vulnerabilities is essential to improve your security and prevent cyber attacks.

a laptop, book and phone locked in chains

Here are 10 gadgets that can be hacked to gain access to confidential information:

  1. Computers
  2. Smart Phones
  3. iPads
  4. WI-FI Routers
  5. Security Cameras
  6. Printers & Scanners
  7. Digital Cameras
  8. Thermostats & Electric Metres
  9. Smart/Self-driving Cars
  10. Digital Access Controlled Gates/Doors

Don’t be lazy and protect your business!

One thing all these gadgets have in common is that they are ‘smart’ – meaning that they connect to WI-FI to allow you to connect devices to transfer information easily.

An un-secure WI-FI connection or weak password is all it takes for a hacker to hack a device and gain complete control of a network. Imagine someone hacked into your printer. Not only can they see any of the most recent files that you have scanned, but if this device is visible to your WI-FI box or connected to your computer, they can then gain access to all devices to take sensitive information, steal credit card information, and even spread a virus that renders all of your equipment useless.

That’s crazy, right?

What’s even crazier is that all it takes to prevent this from happening is using strong passwords and changing them regularly, not opening unknown email attachments and files, and making your devices visible to your WI-FI network only.

It only takes these 3 measures to protect yourself from the vast majority of cyber-attacks, so don’t be lazy, take this issue seriously and protect your business from potentially irretrievable consequences.

What we can do for you:

RGM Security offers a wide range of security services as well as penetration testing to check your defences and threat awareness training for your staff.  If you need training or just advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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