Recycling Plants, protect your people, premises, and assets at all times.


RGM Security has extensive experience in the protection of Recycle and Energy Plants. As well as securing the premises, workers, and assets, we work with the client to build a long-lasting, solid security strategy that addresses their specific business needs.

We can provide SIA licensed and uniformed officers on both a temporary and permanent basis but a few things are guaranteed:

Here are the main services that we can provide:

Static Guarding

A physical uniformed presence is an effective deterrent of crime. Not only that, but they can help substantially with vehicular access control, visitor logging, and with the monitoring and response of your CCTV systems just to name a few.

Perimeter Protection

The perimeter of the premises should always be considered as a first line of defence against trespassers, intruders, and even in-house theft. Our officers can help you deter, detect and delay unauthorised access to your perimeter to keep your staff and assets safe.

Loss Prevention

When you’re thinking about your security, do you take into account your staff as a potential threat? If you’re not, this could be costing you big time. In all of our security strategies, we take into account loss prevention because in-house theft can seriously impact your finances and the future of your business.

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