Emergency Security Cover – Get Real Peace of Mind

a security officer guarding the premises as part of an emergency security cover strategy

In a situation like this, where you may need emergency security cover, let us be there for you.

There is so much panic and uncertainty for the foreseeable future, both mentally and financially, so we want to focus on something that we can control; what we can control is being there for you and your business.

So many businesses had to shut down for the full lockdown back in March last year, and our worry was that they didn’t have the security in place to secure their assets. The security measures needed for a shutdown of considerable time anyway. As a result, we offered emergency security cover to many business owners.

Now, some businesses have re-opened since, some haven’t, and almost all of them have been subjected to the changes of being able to go back to work but then having to stay at home again. We can only imagine how much stress and anxiety this is causing.

Many business owners still have to leave their premises unattended for an uncertain amount of time so this gives criminals an opportunity to cause some damage. This is the last thing you need at such a fragile time as this damage could be irreparable.

security guards escorting a criminal offsite

Regardless of your situation – whether you can open your business fully, only run a skeleton team while the rest works from home or you still can’t open yet – the best way to give yourself peace of mind that your property and assets are safe, is to know that you have them secured.

Just like we have for all of 2020, we are offering the following service to give business owners real peace of mind:

1. 24-hour security cover, 7 days a week.

2. Static guarding for sites that have shut down and need asset/valuable stock protection.

3. Short term, temporary contracts for however long you need us.

4. Collaboration with your existing security provider to assist with manpower.

5. 24-hour turnaround time from the time of enquiry.

6. A strong workforce who have been self-isolating so that they can be available to service our clients safely.


If you have a strategy to protect your premises and assets, at least make sure to review everything! If you don’t, then please let us help you put the right measures in place.



We can help protect your business and your future

If you are worried about your existing security over this period or you know anybody who is struggling to secure their assets, please don’t hesitate to contact us or pass our details along.

We want to help take the pressure off businesses at this time by strengthening their security even if that means being a backup.

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