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6 Tips For Running Effective Threat Drills

Threat drills are routine across many industries, from the police practicing for active shooters to school fire drills and retailers preparing for Black Friday’s crazy shoppers. It makes sense, being prepared for the worst case scenario, as people need to respond effectively, but what actually makes these drills a success? When we think back to

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How Would You or Your Staff React to a Threat Situation?

An employee confides in you that they overheard a co-worker talking about wanting to harm another colleague. What should you do? A client threatens a staff member publicly, shouting “If you do that, I’ll kill you!” How should you respond? If you ever found yourself in work and a terrorist attack took place, how would you react and manage the situation?

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Be Threat Aware Not Afraid

By now, we have all heard about the terrorist attack on London, where a car mounted the pavement on Westminster Bridge, mowing down dozens of pedestrians on its way to an attempted attack near the Houses of Parliament. Whenever something awful like this occurs, the whole nation feels devastated. Devastated for the loss of the

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