How to Keep Your Business and Data Safe Over Christmas and New Years

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Winter is one of the worst times of the year for domestic and commercial break-ins, as the dark and the cold makes for fewer people on the streets which then makes the empty premises with extra stock and cash on site more tempting. With this in mind, security should be your top priority over the Winter months!

To ensure you don’t get caught out when your business closes for Christmas and New Year, we’ve put together this quick list for you to check you’re covered and to give you peace of mind over the holidays!

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Keep Your Business and Data Safe

Check Your Business Insurance

Your first port of call before the Christmas shut down? Check your business insurance! While having all the sufficient security measures in place is essential, sometimes that’s just not enough. If this is the case, the last thing you want is for you to be left in an even worse position because your insurance isn’t valid or up-to-date.

Identify Any Weaknesses in Your Business

It’s always good practice to do a full audit of your business security before leaving the premises for a period of time over Winter, so use this opportunity to think how a criminal would and identify any weaknesses. If there are any weaknesses, how can you correct them? If not, are there any additional measures you can put in place to upgrade your current systems?

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Do Your Bit

Security measures can only do so much, so make sure to do your bit and don’t tempt opportunistic thieves! Make sure that all CCTV cameras are visible, that your alarms work, move valuable items out of sight, check all windows and doors are locked, and only ever leave lights on where you can’t see that the property is empty.

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Consider Off-Site Storage

With the sheer amount of stock and data that some businesses handle, many choose to use off-site storage to keep records and backups of their valuable assets. This ensures that, if computers are stolen, the business still has all the data and files it needs to still function. It may not be suitable for all businesses, but it is a good idea to safely back up files or store equipment of high value until you need it.

Update and Keep Up-to-date!

Don’t let passwords be the weak link in your business! In today’s technological world, a weak password could mean a hacker obtaining access to all accounts, therefore compromising the entire business. Always ensure that employees update their passwords regularly with strong alternatives, that they use different passwords for each account, and that all computer software is always up-to-date.

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Remeber these tips before any shutdown period and you can be sure that your business is kept as safe and secure as it can be while you’re away!


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