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Be Threat Aware Not Afraid

By now, we have all heard about the terrorist attack on London, where a car mounted the pavement on Westminster Bridge, mowing down dozens of pedestrians on its way to an attempted attack near the Houses of Parliament. Whenever something awful like this occurs, the whole nation feels devastated. Devastated for the loss of the

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Don’t be Left Brokenhearted Over Valentines…

Much like a relationship ending, you can also get brokenhearted when you lose something that means something to you. Surely we have all been in that position at one point or another, where we have misplaced a sentimental object? First, there is the panic, the realisation of what we have lost. Next, comes the frantic search, which

How Retailers Can Reduce Theft in the Build-Up to Christmas

An increase in footfall in the build up to Christmas can also mean a rise in retail crime, which can result in considerable losses for many retail businesses.  In fact, there is a 20% increase in shoplifting over the Christmas (source: Centre for Retail Research). The team at RGM Security in Swansea has come up with

Protecting your Factory with Static Guarding

In this day and age, manufacturing companies are facing increasing issues when it comes to security. With cyber security and the threats of terrorism on the up, it can be too easy to let more traditional security measures slip through the net. This is why it is hugely beneficial to factory owners and manufacturing sites

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