Security 101: 5 Security Measures Every Business Needs

fence with a blurred building in its interior to illustrate perimeter security fencing

Many people don’t know too much about security but that doesn’t make it any less important. Plus, that’s why you have us! The experts!

To keep it brief and to give you everything you need to secure your business, we are outlining the essentials. Here are our top 5 security measures that every business needs to implement!

1. Surveillance

Physical security and surveillance are the foundation of your security, no solid security strategy would be complete without them.

From CCTV and motion detectors to deter potential thieves to fences, locks and gates with swipe access to delay them, they cover the whole of your premises as well as your interior to keep them secure. Not only are they effective deterrents but they are also invariable in the event of a crime for identification purposes and threat assessments.

A cctv camera behind a barbed wire fence

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2. Digital Security

We have all heard about the rising number of cyber attacks, so digital security measures have never been so important! Regardless of the size of your business, you need to make sure that you implement strong digital security procedures that will keep your data safe and instil confidence in your customers.

From using password managers and ensuring that all your employees use strong and regularly updated passwords to encrypting your data and keeping all of your software updated, you can protect your assets and your clients with cost-effective and essential solutions.

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3. Off-site Data Storage

The most sensitive data should always be stored outside of your business where hackers cannot get access and it has zero chance of getting published online. While it’s all well and good having this measure in place, you have to make sure to check that you have a dedicated and secure line for sending your information there.

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Only ensure a handful of trustworthy employees have access to certain data and use SSL or another encryption layer to keep your data secure as it is transferred to your off-site.

4. Printer Protection

Yes, you heard us right, there is such a thing as printer protection and every business needs it. Printers are among some of the most common business devices today and most of them can be connected purely through WI-FI and are advanced enough that they can even order their own ink! Naturally with developing technology comes new ways for hackers to gain access to information.

Information from scanned and printed documents may be saved in the limited onboard memory of your printers, so make sure to disable printer sharing, opt for printers that automatically purge their memory and always choose wired connections to your network rather than wireless connectivity.

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5. Secure Server Rooms

Servers house data, and wherever there is data, there should be sufficient security measures protecting it.

Always make sure to lock your server room securely, log who enters and exits the room, and install surveillance inside and outside of the room. If you want additional measures, you could always use mounted server racks to deter quick thefts.


So there we go. 5 quick yet crucial security measures that every business must have!

While these are our top measures to implement, they should by no means be the minimum. An effective security strategy is one that has all of these features and more depending on the needs of your business.


What we can do for you:

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