Returning to the Workplace Guide: How to Keep Your Employees Safe

Is your business preparing to reopen soon? Will your employees be returning to the workplace?

With the heads up from the government that non-essential retail should prepare safety measures now to potentially reopen from the 22nd June, many businesses are scrambling to try to put these in place and plan what this ‘reopening’ will look like. After all, it’s not going to be business as usual and customers aren’t going to just flow in once the doors are open. If anything, it’s going to be a slow transition back to normality.

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on people so the challenges that business owners now face is not only keeping staff and customers safe but also making them feel safe too. As an employer, you have the responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your staff and anyone who walks through your door, that’s your duty, but now with the effects of the coronavirus, you need to make people feel safe too otherwise they won’t return. Building this trust is crucial now for your business to keep growing and moving forward.

With these two critical responsibilities for business owners in mind, this article acts as a returning to the workplace guide. Here is how to ensure safety and build trust so that you can make it through the transition out of lockdown.

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Be prepared, be ready, be safe; 3 ways to keep your staff and customers safe

1. Implement screens, shields, and signs for social distancing

The big safety areas when it comes to social distancing in the workplace is keeping staff and customers separate (via screens of visors) and guiding customers to stay 2 metres from each other (via signs and floor markings). This can be done with the following products:

  • Protection blinds and screens – roller blinds can be pulled down from the ceiling while screens are fixed into place. Both act as a transparent barrier between a staff member and the customer, they are bespoke to any shape and size, can be easily installed and removed, and are easy to clean and sanitise. Screens are ideal for more flexible areas such as vehicles, small openings, and face visors. Watch this video here to see how they are made and secured to any area.
  • Printed floor stickers – printed, self-adhesive, slip-resistant floor markings are necessary to help your customers and employees find their way by ensuring areas are clearly marked and social distancing is abided by. These stickers can be used both internally and externally with both pre-set and bespoke designs available.
  • Printed signage – printed, self-adhesive signage or stickers are necessary to remind both staff members and customers about the new COVID safety measures (e.g. “entry with facemasks only,” “limited number of people up to 4,” and “disinfection point” etc). Signs can be used both internally and externally with both pre-set and bespoke designs available.

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Want to find out more?

See here for the back to work essentials and contact Rhian at Applied Products for further information.

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2. Consider fever screening technology and remote access CCTV for early detection

One of the safety measures that you will potentially need in place as we are returning to work from lockdown is fever screening technology. This can help you identify any staff members who have a fever so that you can send them home to isolate and prevent any potential spread. If your business involves interacting with customers, couriers or other tradespeople etc, this technology can also be used to monitor the temperatures of anyone entering your premises.

CCTV that you can access remotely is also a smart investment at this time. Not only does it deter crime for the remainder of lockdown and any time your premises is empty, but it also allows you to monitor your site and assets without having to physically be there. At a time where only essential travel is prohibited, being able to view your site, detect any motion, and respond to false alarms is invaluable for both safety and security.

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Want to find out more?

If you need to discuss remote monitoring or want advice about fever screening technology, contact Dez at H3 Group for further information.

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3. Invest in security guards for crowd control and enforcing safety measures

One challenge that many businesses will face over the next few weeks is crowd control. Social distancing is something that all businesses will need to comply with, especially in situations where people are queuing outside and you are limiting how many can be inside, so this is where security guards may become necessary.

As the transition to normality will most likely be a slow one, people may become frustrated or angry with social distancing measures. To keep all potential customers and staff safe, security guards can easily help you to enforce and maintain the necessary protective measures (especially mask-wearing and the 2-metre rule).

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Want to know more?

You can take advantage of temporary security contracts to ensure that you have emergency security cover for as long as you need it. Contact Becky & Gemma at RGM Security for more information.

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Returning to the workplace with confidence

Whether you’re preparing to reopen your business soon or not, it’s better to plan now so that you’re ready when you need to be. Returning to the workplace doesn’t have to be full of panic and unease. If you implement these safety measures, you can reopen with confidence and start to build trust with your staff and customers from the get-go.


We can help protect your business and your future

As part of helping businesses make it through this difficult time, RGM Security is partnering with other local South Wales businesses to provide security to businesses at risk. If you or someone you know is struggling at this time, please contact us; we can help to ease the pressure whether it’s offering advice and recommendations or providing extra security during this uncertain time.

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