Reasons Why You Should Plan to Check Your Security Before the New Year

How long will your business be on lockdown this Christmas and New Year? One week, two weeks? This you will know, but how sure are you that your site, assets, and overall business will be sufficiently protected over this period?

Although it’s tempting to say ‘I’ll do it in the New Year’ with everything not just checking your security, here are the main reasons why you should bite the bullet and plan to do it BEFORE the New Year rolls around.

Reasons why you should plan to check your security now

1. You can be certain that your site is secure over Christmas and New Year

The lockdown period towards the end of December until the beginning of January is the most vulnerable time of the year for businesses. The days are shorter and darker with nobody on-site, so the premises that are not sufficiently protected are like sitting ducks to opportunistic burglars. To give yourself peace of mind over the lockdown period, this is why it is essential that you plan to check your security now before you have to shut down operations.

To secure your site over Christmas and New Year:

  1. Check you have all the necessary security measures in place – carry out a self-assessment of your premises. Walk around your perimeter – are there any areas of weakness that a criminal could use to breach your security? Find your weaknesses by reading our blog and downloading our handy security weakness checklist!
  2. Check that all your existing equipment works – winter brings bad weather so it’s good practice to do a sweep and check your equipment. Is everything working as it should or does anything need to be repaired or replaced? Will it last through the winter rain and snow?
  3. Implement cost-effective security materials – there are many materials that can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively that make a massive difference to your security. Take security window film as an example, this product can be applied to your existing window glazing in no time yet it can make your glass shatter-proof and even bomb-proof. The best security measures are the ones that deter and delay crime in the first place.

A cctv camera behind a barbed wire fence

2. You will be ‘too busy’ in the New Year to do it thoroughly

We lull ourselves into a false sense of security when it comes to New Year; we think we’ll have more time so we should wait to start things then but we end up shooting ourselves in the foot.

Before the New Year, businesses are winding down ready to close up shop for the lockdown period, so as much as it may not feel like it in the moment, we actually have more time before Christmas to do what we need to. Once New Year rolls around, we are slow to get into work after our break and before too long we are caught up in the day-to-day runnings of the business that we truly are busy and must-do items like checking our security get put on the backburner until April/May at the earliest.

You can’t afford to do this with security, so stop procrastinating in December and prioritise this on the same level as getting all the work that you need to done.

Security man looking at surveillance camera footage

3. Planning for it sooner rather than later means that it is more likely to get done

Last but not least, is planning to check your security sooner (before Christmas) rather than later (most likely April/May). Why? Because when you make a plan, it is far more likely to get done.

Planning before the madness of New Year means that you will be able to manage your time better and actually prioritise checking your security so that you can do it properly. Even if you don’t end up doing it in its entirety, if you plan to do as much as you can now, you have less to do when you are very busy later. Imagine walking into the New Year confident that your business is sufficiently secure and all your assets are protected? Just the thought of it makes all the effort worth it.

Winding down shouldn’t mean dropping security

Although all businesses are winding down on the countdown to Christmas, don’t fall prey to thinking ‘I’ll do it in the New Year.’ Nothing is worse than finding that your business has been broken into over the lockdown period, so plan to start the New Year right. Check your security now and update or implement the necessary measures to secure your site over the next few weeks!


Want to walk into New Year confident that you’re protected?

RGM Security offers a wide range of security services including a free consultation where we carry out a weakness assessment of your site.  If you need threat awareness training for your staff, intrusion testing to check your defences or even just advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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