Is There a Breach in Your Security?

There could be a breach in your security without you even knowing it. How scary a thought is that? To help you identify a security breach in your business, here are the main signs to look out for.

Signs you may have an issue with your security

“A security breach is any incident that results in unauthorized access of data, applications, services, networks and/or devices by bypassing their underlying security mechanisms. More often than not, a security breach can damage an organisation’s reputation and finances.” – Techopedia

A security breach is a serious risk, one that can result in irreparable damage to a company, therefore a solid security strategy is one that prevents your business from having any security weaknesses at any time.
We’ve been helping a lot of our clients prepare for the Winter months and the Christmas-New Year lockdown period lately, and we’ve noticed some key areas that cropped up in almost all of the cases, all of which were a ‘potential for breach.’ Here are the main ones that got our alarm bells ringing:
  • You have no dedicated contract with a security company
  • You have minimal contact with an existing security company
  • You manage all security personnel
  • Your Security are too familiar with staff
  • You have no regular audits
  • Your internal thefts have spiked
  • You cannot get cover staff
  • All holiday requests come through you

These are the main (and recurring) warning signs that there is a weakness in security.

Put simply, any breakdown in communication, support or cover is a red flag, one that, if left undetected, can leave a gaping hole in your defences which could lead to a breach in your security.

danger warning sign

To check your security weaknesses yourself, download our handy security weakness checklist! If you can’t tick every box then please get in touch!

How to protect yourself from a security breach

To protect your company from a security breach, you need to work with a reliable security company who manages their own staff and who can guarantee cover. If you combine their security measures with your own (below), then you can have peace of mind that you have a truly solid security strategy.

  • Create strong and secure passwords
  • Use different passwords on different accounts
  • Encrypt or store confidential data securely
  • Use secure websites
  • Don’t open anything suspicious in your emails
  • Always install updates on your computers and mobile devices
  • Stay informed on the latest security/data breaches
  • Be watchful and vigilant
  • Always monitor and check your security for weaknesses.

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Don’t leave your business vulnerable

I know it may seem like a hole in your security is a bit like a needle in a haystack but is it really worth the risk? All it takes is for one opportunistic criminal to get lucky and you’re left with damages that are costly both financially and to your reputation.

Being able to identify a breach in your security sooner rather than later and prevent them from occurring in the first place is fundamental to a good security strategy, one that will prevent holes from becoming chasms.

Security man looking at surveillance camera footage

Is there a breach in your security?

RGM Security offers a wide range of security services including a free threat awareness survey where we carry out a weakness assessment of your site.  If you need threat awareness training for your staff, intrusion testing to check your defences or even just advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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