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Intrusion Testing: What is it and will my business benefit?

What is Intrusion Testing? Intrusion testing (or white hat attacks) is a method of not only identifying the vulnerabilities in a business’s security but attempting to exploit these vulnerabilities to gain unauthorised access or cause other malicious activity. The process can be automated or manual and involves gathering information about the target, such as possible

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Threat Awareness: the 5 Types of Workplace Violence

a “Workplace violence is broadly defined as any act or threat of physical violence in which a company employee is involved.” a With such a broad definition, this term includes violent incidents that range from bullying, intimidation and harassment to theft, physical violence and even terrorism. So with such an important subject that can impact

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Keep Your Business Safe and Secure this Winter

Winter is coming, whether we like it or not! With each day getting darker for longer and the outside temperature getting colder week by week, now is the time to prepare for the worst before it’s too late. Once Winter hits, visibility is going to be poor so security is even more essential! Whether your

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