As a Security Company, it frustrates us when businesses don’t test the strengths and weaknesses of their security measures. Your defences are the only thing between keeping all of your assets and confidential information safe, so if you don’t test them and identify your vulnerabilities, how can you improve and reinforce them so that you don’t become an opportunity for crime?

Physical Penetration Testing / Physical Intrusion Testing

Penetration Testing is the best and most effective way to put your security defences to the test. Why? Because it involves creating a realistic attack simulation that not only measures the strength of your existing physical security controls, but it also exploits any potential weaknesses and uses them to gain unauthorised access to your business.

How will Penetration Testing benefit You and Your Business?

Anything that can identify your security weaknesses is extremely beneficial to any business, but Penetration Testing, in particular, offers so much more value:

  • Identifies your security flaws
  • Tests employee security awareness, your organisation’s security policy compliance, and ability to identify and respond to security threats
  • Allows you to improve on your vulnerabilities
  • Gives you an insight into the level of real-world risk and how a real attack would impact your business
  • Allows you to better manage your defences and keep up with changes in technology
  • Ensures your business runs cost-effectively and without disruption
  • Ensures you meet regulatory requirements and avoid fines
  • Maintains trust with your employees and clients

The consequences of a break-in can be fatal for a business, so make sure that you know for a fact that your security defences can actually defend. How often you choose to test your security depends on the size of your organisation and many other factors, so get in touch with us at RGM Security and we’ll put your security to the test as often as you need it.


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